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Special Offers

Foundational Service Specials

From time to time, we provide special pricing for certain foundational services.  To get started with these or any other of our services, please contact us.

Facebook Birthday Marketing Campaign

With our Facebook Birthday Marketing Campaign, we can ensure you get the new sales traffic into your place of business...all from social media! And, when you act now, we will discount our normal monthly social media advertising fee of $1,500 by $1,000, THAT'S ONLY $500/mo! Act Now!
(Does not include the cost of your ad spend, which we estimate would not exceed $300-$500/mo, unless you want it to.)

Basic "Brochure-Style" Website

Getting a web presence up and running does not have to be expensive or burdensome. We'll create an aesthetically pleasing "brochure-style" web page, with Google & Facebook integration points so you can begin to turn your visitors into prospects into customers. And it will look good on any device! Hosting and Domain Name not included.

1-hour Session:
Video Recording & Production

Within a reasonable driving distance from Wilmington, Delaware, we can record many types of events, from open houses, to birthday parties, to videos to explain your products and services on your web page, we'll provide you with a fully edited digital copy for your use.

Facebook Business Page Setup

Is your business on Facebook yet? The right way? If not, we can easily create and setup a new Facebook Business Page for you, and provide you with some guidance on how it is different than a profile or group.

Web or Social Media Graphic

Need a graphic made up? We'll make up a graphic for your social media post or header, a web page, or any other location according to your specifications. We can even resize most existing graphics to match a specific set of requirements.